I weighed all the flashlights that we might carry... we only carry one/person. I found the different weights, and the weight of a single AA battery, to be interesting.

We only carry one knife. The case knife is a single bladed lockback - I thought it would be lighter than the swiss army knife, and was wrong.

I only carry the one monocular, and that comes in and out of the pack. My son would like his own, because he's a 6 year old boy who likes to have the same toys as his dad.

GLENN: I'm headed towards FBC when I'm by myself. Lipton meals with add ins and oatmeal are staples. If/when we acquire a dehydrator, the entire family will probabaly change over to FBC. However, child happiness right now demands pancakes and mac and cheese when we go as a family, and cleanliness demands we use bowls.