you should add a light pair of fuzzy "sleeping gloves" to your winter gear. Mine are about 3.5 oz and called hot hands. They stay in the top pocket of my pack and used exclusively inside the sleeping bag and are NEVER used for ANYTHING that could get them WET... goodjob Somehow I can't sleep in huge gauntlets (that are most probably wet anyway), and even with goretex mitts shells over liners, the liners still get wet.

I would like to talk about towels. smile In the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe a towel is a critical piece of travel gear. If one lacks peril sensitive glasses that immediately turn opaque if one is in peril, sparing one the unecesary fear, one could instead cover your face with your towel. laugh

Now as long as a towel has the minimum dimensions to be put to use skinny dipping if one were to be discovered, and is also large enough to dry your body, however large it is, then minmum size is achieved, but the luxury of a slightly larger nicer towel should not be casually be cast asunder... I have micofiber "hair towels" and I also have bath sized ones, that my mother in law sold so I had a case of them in fact. Anyway I always carry a 1.6 ounce "half hair towel" in the winter. Its used to wipe up everything and is a conponent of my pee bottle configuration. Its a sad but true fact that the male human urinary tract is very twisted because our shark ancesters had their gonads located high in their chests, and since male humans require sex organs more centrally located to be very useful, the tract is very long and comes first up and then over and down. The reason for this discourse is that male humans generally have a few CCs of fluid left in their urinary tract after peeing and a nice small towel is a boon to dry sleeping bags. A towel shold be positioned BEFORE it might be needed. And a soft microfiber towel is much nicer than a pressed piece of dehydrated sponge that some call camping towels.
Jim smile
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