Ladies and Gents, here it goes. This:Google Documents is my gear list.

I think I know what is wrong with it - just doing the exercise was useful, and I can cut 1/4 of a pound just using options from what I weighed (ah, the perils of knives and stuff sacks) - but I'd love to hear from you all what I should out and out replace as time, money, and circumstances permit.

Notice that there are four lists running here... Just me in the summer, Just me in the winter, and what it takes to add each kid. I know I missed things, however the additions at the end of the spreadsheet resulted in fairly accurate final weights, including all the things that were to light for my scale to weigh (accurate to the one ounce for up to 25lbs, not for commercial use).

Thank you very much in advance. Standing by to receive and humbly listen.