The Coleman enduroflex frame will accept MOLLE suspension, and an ALICE bag (with some mods). Airborne units used to commission Coleman to make them the frame because it didn't break when loaded with an ALICE pack and jumped with. Outdoor Products uses the frame now on their Dragonfly pack. There are people out there who buy the Dragonfly, then take off the lighter pack and suspension, then put on the MOLLE suspension and ALICE pack. For the OP, if you really, really want this frame, buy the pack at Walmart, and then don't change anything. Crazy people confused .
DEI, the makers of the MOLLE frame, now make a smaller, lighter frame that accepts MOLLE shoulder and hip belts, and an ALICE bag. It is also suppose to be airborne friendly.
Also, you can buy a NICE frame from Mystery Ranch (It's a pack company, and Michael never lived there wink )that accepts the ALICE pack as well. I hear this is the most comfortable option, and most $$$.

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