I always loved hiking. I am from the mountains. Raised all over, but always lived in the mountains. I now am living in the KC area and need to find a escape. SO I have been saving all my pennys and have been buying gear for next years, year long trip. I want to go place to place, while living out of my pack. Here is what I have so far.

Stove: MSR Reactor
Tent: MSR Hubba Hubba
Filter: MSR Sweet Water
Bag: Wester Mountaineering Caribou
Pad: Thermorest Neo Air
Odds and Ends: Snow Peak tea Press, MSR dormadary water bag. Spork. First aid kit.
Pack: Millet peutary 50L.
Leki treking poles.

Now I just found out my pack needs to be much bigger. So any help would be great. I want something very durable. How big of a pack should I get?