MOLLE is what replaced the ALICE system.
Here is a place to buy with a decent price.
Molle gear
You can find better prices on ebay, but watch our for shipping costs.

A bunch of old timers don't like the new MOLLE packs, preferring the older ALICE packs. The guy that came up with the "hellcat" claims that the ALICE pack bag and frame are great, but the suspension is lacking. But, if you add the MOLLE suspension, then it is perfect. I bought some MOLLE suspension and put it on an old external frame, and it was very comfortable. Personally I think the MOLLE frame is better than the ALICE frame, but that topic seems to be a flash point among many.

At any rate, I think it is all just too heavy. The MOLLE frame alone weighs 2.2 lbs. The straps are 2.5 lbs more. The ALICE frame is even worse. Plus it doesn't put the weight where you want it. There are much better options that are cheaper and lighter.

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