I'm a new member and I was just browsing around the forums. I'm pretty late to this thread, and I'm not sure if anyone's going to read it anymore, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. I noticed that a lot of people mentioned using your fuel alcohol as an antiseptic. Alcohol is a more effective at a concentration of 70% than the near 100% you want for cooking with, so just make sure to dilute it 7 parts alcohol to 3 parts water in your camp cup if you're treating a wound. Also, I would avoid using anything with methanol (HEET) as a mouth wash, as its metabolized into formaldehyde, which can cause serious problems including blindness. A little splash isn't likely to harm you, but I personally would never put it in my mouth, and certainly not on a daily basis. Ethanol would be fine, and I've used it as a disinfectant and mouthwash. I carry a couple little alcohol pads and betadine pads. They take up almost no room, weigh nothing, and I know that they're sterile.