Your system for attaching to a tree seems a little heavy. May I suggest an improvement I made up this morning.

Get 4 feet of 5/8 in nylon web belt. Fold one end back on itself and sew it leaving a loop about 3/4 of an inch big. Wrap the belt around the tree and put the free end through from the top down. Slide the loop against the tree.

This will work for a tree up to a foot around.

Adjusting the height is easy. Just loosen and slide.

You could use the same system for the ridge line, but put a loop in both ends of the web belt. Then tie your ridge line to that.

Since I didn't have a sewing kit handy, I made a test model with staples and it works just fine.

Weight per hanger 28 grams/1.0 oz

PS: Spent my first night in a hammock last night and slept great.

Added: Here is a good video on knot to use to attach the hammock to the hanging strap.

Gram Cracker

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