I got a cheap fishnet hammock at the Army Surplus store to play with. for $8.00, it's worth experimenting with until I find what I like.

We had some really strong wind and the tarp held up great. However, I did find if I put less of a slope, it handled the wind better and gave more room underneath.

I think the design I'm going to go with for now is a pup tent in the air but with much less slope to the roof so it covers more ground. I'll have to sew in the ends and put fasteners in them for the door. Me being the way I am, I"ll probably just attach the ends with duct tape for now until I find a design I like.

I've found most anything can be used for a stake. A clump of tall grass, a small tree, a stalk of corn. I didn't have any stakes so I improvised.

Getting into a sleeping bag might be a real adventure. I may go with a quilt anyway. For weather above 50, I'll be fine with long underwear, a fleece and my rain pants and no sleeping bag. If it gets chilly, I'll put on a hat.

If I wanted to make it more airtight I could hang it close to the ground and put a tarp skirting on it.

It just FELT comfortable lying under the tarp. I laid there for an hour and read my Kindle.

I think I'll sleep in it tonight without a bag and see what happens.

Gram Cracker