“…pepsi-can stove design to be quite inefficient,a PITA to make, and don't work well in cold.”

Something doesn’t sound right.
I don’t even use a stove that can’t easily be lit and and stays lit at 0F; and I stay away from stoves that require priming; that’s a signal it will have a hard time at cold temps.

They are hard to make but I have found a well-built pepsi stove is very efficient and easily works at 0F. It helps efficiency to keep the alcy in the pocket before use but I’ve tried it with super cold 0F alcy and it still lights; and it melts snow.

This guy gives good directions: http://www.thesodacanstove.com/stove/
The best pepsi dimension for quick boil is an 1” tall stove with the pot stand 1” above that.
Or you can buy one from Mike the Mechanic on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/0-3oz-Camping-Su...=item5644356518

Careful, alcy is addictive smile


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