Thanks for the input. It's probably simplest to agree I carry too much water. I'll probably continue to do that for awhile until I learn what we actually use. Generally we arrive at a water source with about pint and a half apiece. We don't always start with a full gallon. That's just the max.

The tent is 3 person. 2 person is just too cozy for relatives. It's a T-3 REI quarter dome.

I made a spreadsheet of food and calories,etc. It's much more than what I'm eating. Sure enough, I looked in my son's pack and there is a bunch left over. Next time, I pack my own munchies so I'm sure to eat it all.

I don't carry a sleeping pad. I sleep real warm and comfortable. Once I spent a summer sleeping outside on the ground cowboy style with just a bag and I got used to it.

My current bag is way to warm for my needs. I'm going to try just an army blanket sewn halfway up the side and the bottom open so my feet stick out. Usually, I unzip and sleep mostly outside anyway. (I'll try this one car camping.) If it works, there is probably a lighter alternative.

Ringtail, I live in Pueblo. Do you live anyplace close? It would be a lot more effective for me to just see an experienced hiker's pack and to have one look at mine. I think I may be stuck in a mindset of doing what I've always done while making small changes instead of some big ones.

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