I do not see a sleeping pad on your list.

Water management: I have carried up to 9 quarts of water into the Grand Canyon along with 6 days of food. Yes, the pack was 45 pounds at the trailhead. With the water you are carrying you will continue to need the "beast hauler" pack. I have a "beast hauler", but most of the time my pack is less than 2 pounds.

For dry camps I will stop for an early diner, then carry about a quart and a half of water to the dry camp. A pint of water to hike to camp, a pint to drink over night and a pint to drink with Tang in the morning. A pint of Tang and a bar is more than enough to get you to a water source for breakfast. It makes it easier to keep a clean camp when you sleep at a different place than where you eat. Dry camps have less bugs.

A six pound tent is heavy, but for two is three pounds per person. An REI half dome might save some weight.

Consider converting to compressed gas canister stove.

The water on the Colorado Trail is mostly clear. Consider converting to AquaMira treatment.

Actually you are light weight. Take the 37 pound pack ans subtract your water and food and you have a base weight of 18 pounds.

Water management is your biggest barrier. For the most part there is much more water on the Colorado Trail than what is listed in the Databook. It is rare when the Databook lists a water source that is not there. Maybe mile 26.1 of Segment 6 is one of the exceptions.
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