At all my walk in sites I've always carried too much to be considered backpacking. Cooler, chairs, lots of unnecessary foods etc.

What I do plan to bring:
alumn cooking pot w/lid, strainer, handle all concealed in itself.
Tent - Wenzel South Bend 4 Person Dome Tent - 7.8lbs (heavy I know)
Sleeping bag - Coleman - 6.5 lbs (hmm, that's heavy too)
Necessary Gear - leatherman, headlamp, mini battery lantern, magnesium/fire starter, plenty of rope, compass, First aid kit
Tarp Ė 9x7 Ė medium duty
Minimal clothes Ė Whatís on my back and depending on the weather on my trek in 1 change of cold/warm.
1 book
Machete or hatchet
Daiwa minispin fishing rod/real
All will fit on my pack which is a 70ís external alumn frame Alpine pack. (picked up two of them for $20)

It does appear this is going to get heavy fast. I have not put it all together to weigh as of yet. Iíll have to work on my food, ie get dehydrated goods like mountain house or something like that. Iím used to eating really well camping; steak, potato, breakfast burritos etc. I plan to boil water or use treatment tabs. I will be very near lake and streams.

Iím sure Iím missing something but this is a start.

Things Iím considering: I have a cheap hammock I could use along with my tarp instead of the tent.
Mini white gas stove (the size of a little metal cup which it has too) but Iíve always cooked over my fire

Let the educating begin!!

P.S. I plan to pickup Colin Fletchers "the complete walker" and I'll have to look at the House on your back as well.

Thanks in advance!!