Hi all, short time reader, first time caller. I am planning a solo 3-night (technically 4 night) trip on the Superior Hiking Trail in northern MN. I plan on starting at the beginning north of duluth and hiking to Split Rock, roughly 27-29 miles.
Current gear:
Tent: Mountain Hardwear 3-man tent (9ish lbs) I have access to borrow lighter tents but haven't gotten to use this one much.
sleeping bag: Marmot bag (3 lbs)
Pack: rental from REI (6 lbs?)
most of the rest of the gear will be borrowed, except for hiking boots and clothing.

My question is, if my pack weight is sitting around 30 lbs, is 10 miles per day too ambitious? I don't want to end up getting to a campsite with half a day to dicker around, I'd rather hike all day.
Day 1 is 8.6 miles
Day 2 is 10.4 miles
Day 3 is 5.8 miles
Day 4 is 2.4 miles to the car
this itinerary gave me a conservative distance each day to campsites, but not sure if I should do more. I have hiked 10+ miles in a day, but only with a day pack. Took a dry run the other day with 20 lbs in my daypack bag assuming the full size pack would be far more comfortable on the shoulders anyway. The terrain was gentle sloping hills and nice grass trails, did about 6 miles in 2 hours. I know I'll go slower on the trail, but is it pushing it to assume 10 miles a day for 3 full hiking days? I'd love to save some weight bringing no-cook food, recommended? or is hot food a luxury I should definatly have?

I know someone will say get a lighter tent, and im debating it, if I find I enjoy backpacking I will look into buying a tent or hammock for this purpose for next year. Anyone been on this part of the trail and have any advide? I am planning this trip for mid September.

Thanks! advice from experienced folks out there is invaluable!