Nope, I'm gearing up to get started again. As I have "matured" I am more and more aware of my need to reconnect with nature, to get into better shape, and to accomplish some bucket list goals (JMT, PCT, Mt Rainier, etc). I'm not currently satisfied with weekend camping trips in crowded campgrounds which are noisy and not all that beautiful.

I intend to make backpacking a regular part of our retirement vacation and recreation activity (especially now that I've discovered supremely comfortable "hammock camping"). Lucky for me my sister, hubby, and sons also enjoy these kinds of outdoor activities and we are all hoping to get at least 1 good week long trip in a year. When the grand-kids start to "arrive" we will adjust for a bit when necessary but then intend to get them started a.s.a.p. as well.

A couple weeks ago we were day hiking out near Tahoe and we crossed paths with a man out with his 4 year old daughter. She was happily skipping up the trial slightly ahead of him while he carried the moderately heavy load. I didn't ask how long they planned on staying out but they had almost reached their first nights destination. Seeing them both happy and content made me dream of the day when I might get to bring a grandchild along in a similar fashion.

Now that we are older, we have the time, the resources, the desire, and drive to do this more often. Life is short. We need to take advantage of our remaining years. I love how I feel when I am out in nature. I am so awed by this magnificent creation.