Hi Everyone,

I'm from England and planning on backpacking alone in Australia from August, probably for 90 days (the maximum an eVisitor visa allows) and was looking for some recommendations on a route to take. I'm planning on camping as I'm not too keen on the dormitory style accommodation of hostels (though wouldn't rule it out), and at this stage having bought the gear I'm looking at which route would allow me to fit the most in and see the best sites. Will probably fly into Sydney and work my way out from there. Any suggestions on good routes to take would be great. Also (as I haven't traveled to Aus before) wanted some advice for when I arrive and go through customs. I assume they'll want an itinerary to show exactly where I'm going, but do they want you to have booked campsites\hostels in advance? Obviously with backpacking this isn't always possible. Sorry to waffle, and thanks for any help smile