Well don't despair - you'll eventually find a lighter pack that works.

Looking at my little standard gear list in my .signature, I notice I've got right aroun 3 kilos of stuff (or 3.6 kilos of stuff if I have my bear spray and PLB) with me that does *NOT* include my big three - if you take out your big three how are you doing in that respect compared to the likes of me?

note that breaks down to:

2 kilos of clothing
1/2 kilo of kitchen kit (including ursak - i'd be heavier on this in the sierras because I'd be packing a canister)
1/2 kilo of "ditty bag" (everything else including first aid)
300 grams of plb
300 grams of bear spray

If you're getting down close to that, well, I'd say you're doing pretty good - then it's just a matter of when you can afford a lighter big three that feels and fits good.

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