Great to see you using pack animals. I working on using my "Mini Burros" to start carrying my gear too.

Like your llamas, they love to hike with me and have done better than I expected bushwhacking off trail. I'm working on getting them out on their first real extended trip this Autumn.

The woman I got my burros from has a llama in the pasture with about 40 mini burros. He's a big one, and he keeps a real sharp eye on his land and his donkeys. Loves to whomp on dogs that want to come in there and chase the burros. No dog has done that twice according to her laugh

My main burro only carries about 60 lbs. 90 lbs. would be real luxury all the way! smile

If you get a chance to post some photos of your hikes with them I'd love to see them, and hear more about how you work with them.

"You want to go where?"