Allright allright fine.. here's what's in mine - unfortunately, like lori, I believe much of my kit is also my first aid kit

Trekking poles (splint, support)
duct tape (on trekking poles) (splint, support, bandaids, blisters, etc.)
shirts (bandages, wrap, triangular, etc.)
sleeping socks (compress, etc.)
long underwear (bandages, etc. )
line (on trekking poles)
Hammock and/or tarp (improvised stretcher, shelter, etc.)
Scotch whiskey (a nip when it's miserable and you wanna sleep)
Tea, Soup, food, etc.

Stove alcohol (wound wash, antiseptic)

stove and pot (clean hot water, wash, sterilize)

PLB (I or someone is in more danger than I can mitigate)

In my ditty bag:
4 doses imodium AD
bunch of ibuprophen (advil)
bunch of naproxen (aleve)
6 doses of benadryl
6 doses of dristan
campsuds (wash, etc.)
polysporin (1/2 tube) (chafing, wounds, etc)
swiss army knife, sharp, with tweezer, toothpick, scissors
more line
tiny repair kit (needle and thread, buttons, safety pins)

The actual FAK:
5-10 large spenco blister pads
10 medium blister pads
10 small blister pads
10 good fabric bandaids
15 waterproof bandaids (duct tapy kind)
1 roll really good tape
6 2x2 pads
6 4x4 pads
1 small nalgene (1/2 oz) with polysporin
1 small nalgene (1/2 oz) with iodine/betadine
10 butterfly bandages
1 dozen percocet
krazy glue (1 mini tube)

Nothing in there I have not actually used, except the percocet.
and the PLB. However, even in using those things I've not
found I was underequipped for my level of skill. those numbers
are pretty much "full up" for a longer trip that I'm likely
to need it to play owch doctor for newbies. I take a bit less
of all that if going out for less time by myself

I have no problem sacrificing a pair of longjohns, socks, shirt, etc to the scissors to make bandages, etc. for a serious wound. (and before you say it, no, of course it's not
sterile, it's not meant to be, I have 4x4's for that...)

When I've been out with newbies, the most used stuff aside from bandaids and blister bits is believe it or not, the betadine and 4x4's, cleaning up small wounds that would otherwise be nasty. I put in a few extra 4x4's when going with others. I've done bits of minor "swiss army surgery" on myself
and others.

I've actually holed up for a day and a half with antidiahreaals, when my innards rebelled on me partway through a trip. I basically had picked up a case of the flu, and had to sit it out after a day and a half of walking in - drank, slept, got to feeling better and walked out. Dristan, vitamins, soup, tea, and immodium helped immensely, you'll never underestimte how much more comfortable such things make you till you've been sick as a dog in the bush.

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