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If you don't mind me asking, what is your training and your typical backpacking environment (i.e. solo/group, civilized/wilderness etc.)?

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thanks for the input grin ,
I usually go with 1 other person but up to as many as 4. I prefer the remote wilderness and try to go different places every year, but growing up I spent a lot of time in the North-woods of Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, In fact I am heading up to the the U.P. in the morning for a long weekend trip =)
All this FAK talk and thinking about the U.P reminds me of a story my dad and brother share regarding an axe injury on Isle Royale near the Canadian border. My dad (a child at the time) crawled into the tent and his brother whispered I think I am hurt but dont tell mom and dad (he didnt want to ruin the backpacking trip)! His brother then preceded to show him a axe cut to the bone on his shin. They took a few days getting him to a small resort on one of the bays and luckily a vet was staying there and fixed him all up! cool
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