I have a 10 yr old (I think) Timberline 2. I recently tied up a 30' ridge-line with prusiks (similar to hammock/tarp rigging) and can now travel w/o the poles. I do live where trees are plentiful. For a description check out the whoopieslings.com site. That's where I got the idea.

I can go with or w/o the rainfly. If I want, I can drape the rainfly over the ridge-line to get the separation for the rain protection. I'm thinking of adding some no-see-um to the top of the tent material. The ventilation is sometimes lacking in the humid Southeastern summers.

Another option I have is using the rigging and only the rainfly as a tarp shelter.

You now have me thinking about using a longer rainfly to add additional coverage at the entrance of the tent.

Good luck on your project. (Tee Hee. I just realized the first post wasn't recent. I'm like that in conversation as well. Sometimes the conversation will have moved well beyond my upcoming comment. Such is my condition...)

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