I am not cutting back- on the contrary, I am trying to do more. Problem is not age, but others. People I usually backpack with are dropping like flies. I get loaded up with babysitting grandkids who are still too little to take out with me backpacking. My mother is nearly 92 and any day can bring a temporary halt to backpacking to care for her. Last year two grandchildren decide to be born during backpacking season! Two years ago I was away from home July 1 to Sept 5 and I do not think my family is quite ready for that again for a year or two. I was hoping to do lots of shorter trips closer to home, but may change that to longer trips or piggy-backing trips because of gas costs of getting to each trip. At any rate, I will do all I can until the snows shut down the Sierra! I now have my Senior pass (free park entry) and social security check (gas money) Yeh!! My ability to carry a pack and walk the miles has not changed much yet. For that I am very thankful.