Understood, just offering up the option.

On extended trips I travel much lighter but for just a weekender the added water weight isn't really an issue for me.

When traveling lighter I usually carry a small amount of extra virgin olive oil with me. About a teaspoon worth is good for 2 cups of water when making meals. I boil the water with the oil in it and then add my dry good once I have a rolling boil. I'll let it run until the stove goes out and keep it covered for another 5-10 minutes to let it continue to cook.

The oil soaks into the food nicely and doesn't really affect the taste, but it keeps noodles and rice from sticking to the pot and keeps your pasta from boiling over.

By getting a rolling boil before you add your food you ensure anything that might have been in the water is already dead and then you don't have to worry about heating the whole meal to 180+.

It makes a good substitute for things that recommend butter or margarine, is good for lubing various seals, freeing a stuck zipper, used as a lip balm, heck you can even use it to lube up for a shave or oil leather boots/gear.

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