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Hey guys, I was looking in to getting a North Face Hot Shot backpack for my dayhikes and just wanted to get your opinions on the bag. thanks

It's better to get an idea of a pack if you post a link to the product page. I'm assuming it's the same model as this pack:


It has good reviews over at Buzzillions, 4.7/5 with 72 reviews.


Personally I don't see much wrong with it. 2000 cubic inches is a little light for me, but I like room to stuff a jacket in, especially if there's no place to conveniently tie it down to on the outside of the pack.

Also, I wouldn't pay the MSRP of $90 for it. I would say that pack, without knowing much about the technology, is probably worth $70 at the most.

I use a Kelty Redwing 3100 ('09 model) for my long day hikes and light over-nighters, and I paid $80 for that new in March of '09 and love it. It's heavier (3 lb 6 oz vs 2 lb 2 oz) but it has held up great and even has a small internal frame in it.