By the way, it is the food you bring not the pots that make for good eating! There are a lot of easy no-cook or little-cook options. Gormet cheese. Summer sausage. I find some of the freeze-dried omlets pretty good. Canadian bacon. Pepperoni. One clove of real garlic really adds to any meal. Add these goodies to the "Lipton sides" and you have a hearty meal. And deserts! Go to a gormet candy store.

I think the goals of your SAR trips and personal trips are quite different and need different cook gear. On SAR your focus is lots of walking, long hours, easy cooking, light gear. On personal trips, it seems you prefer luxury. I suggest you get a nice titanium nesting set of pots and take one on SAR trips and then use all three on personal trips. Add a fry pan with folding handle on your personal trips. A cup and spoon is needed for both. Add a few bowls for personal trips.