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Just to note that this is a lightweight backpacking site. I doubt that the majority of our more experienced members carry more than a single pot of titanium or aluminum. Most of us either cook a one-pot meal or just boil water to hydrate a dehydrated or freeze-dried meal. Maybe a few will take a frying pan (also aluminum or titanium) on some occasions. I've been hauling a small titanium (ceramic coated) fry pan when I take fishing tackle, on the off chance that I might actually catch something. laugh

Thanks, I was realizing that as I read more and more of the posts here (and also the top heading banner's slogan). I figured I would still take advantage of the the knowledge and expertise here.

I once tried lightweight fishing using a small kit that was very similar to the one outlined on this site- it did not turn out well for me, but I blame that more on the user and not the gear. grin