I'm new to the forum- I am currently a medic with an SAR service and I am in the process of refitting my pack. I'm in the market for a new mess kit and I wanted some opinions on my selection.

Here are my specs: This mess kit will be in both my SAR pack and my own personal pack. I'm not an ultralight kind of guy. I also don't like the standard compact mess kits that hikers seem to like- I don't feel like they provide adequate enough surface area (or even volume for that matter) for cooking. I can't fry a freshly caught fish/squirrel/rabbit in a cup. I like to be able to operate, theoretically, for an extended period of time without resupply- this means a lot of hunting/fishing/gathering. However, since I am the medic, a large portion of my bag is taken up with medical supplies (NS/LR/colloid solutions take up a lot of room and add a lot of weight), so my mess kit cannot be excessively heavy or bulky.

I am also not particularly fond of nonstick pans- they're too easily scratched or burned and while Teflon works great in catheters, I would rather not be ingesting it. Same goes with aluminum except that the jury is still out on the level required for amyloidosis (I'm also currently a medical student and while I think the exposure levels are fine, my preference is still not to chance it).

So with all of these restrictions, this is what I am currently planning on:
Texsport Stainless Steel 2-Person Cookset
Or possibly: Texsport Stainless Steel Mess Kit

What do you think? All of your comments/opinions/input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,