I have a couple of questions:

1. I am thinking of using the Katadyn Mp1 Micropur tablets for drinking water along the AT. I like the lightness they offer, but are there any health risks associated with the product (i.e. will using this as my sole purification for 6 months result in problems?)

2. Also, how common is Cryptosporidium along the AT as I know the above treatment takes 4 hours to treat it?

3. I am looking for something similar to a NOLS Frybake maybe a little bit smaller as I only need to be able to cook for 2-3 people, but that doesn't weigh 5lbs. I want to be able to cook on the lid like you would with a Fry-Bake (using round the clock method for baking) so it can't have any plastic parts. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

This is the NOLS Fry-Bake:

These are the tablets: http://shop.katadyn.com/product/8013692?...CFc165QodD2njDw