Is anyone familiar with this backpack? Right now the bag I have is a cheap hunting backpack that I gave about 20 bucks for. Its around 50 liters, but the belt on it isn't very good, and it also doesn't have any load adjusting straps so its not too comfortable with a larger load in it. This coleman looks to be a much better bag, having the load adjusters on the shoulders and the waist, along with a much better belt and much more comfortable shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are also adjustable for height with basically a MOLLY system of webbing on the back part of them. The attachment there seems very sturdy from looking at it. I've heard people talk about it being good for a bag to have a double bottom, so that the weight is directed more toward the body, and this bag also has that feature. The bottom part is a sleeping bag compartment and the divider between the two slopes down to the bottom of the part against your body, which I think is what was being discussed in those articles. Anyway, I would like to see if anyone with more experience has any input on the bag.