I went to join the hammockforums yesterday and they wanted way too much personal info for me to be comfortable, so I declined. Instead, I decided to see what I could learn here...

I've been playing with a tarp shelter for my hammock and was wondering if anyone knows what would be the smallest (sq ft of material) designs that will keep you dry in a hammock.

We get fronts blowing through here with strong wind and hard rain. Most of the designs I've seen don't appear to be up to handling that. The one I'm using now is 10ft x 12ft and formed into a tent like structure. I'll know after this current front passes through how well it keeps my hammock dry, but if there is something smaller that works I'd like to try it too.

Right now I'm having fun mocking up design protoypes with plastic sheet and duct tape. When I find the one I want, I'll sew it up out of silnylon.


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