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How come you're breathing so hard when yer dog is pulling the sled? smile

Hey you noticed. My friend left the campsite a good 5 minutes before I did. No on was near us, so I let go of the dog and just walked with no weight. She decided I was walking too slow and trotted off to catch up with my friend. She wasn't running, just walking. I was walking really fast to try and catch up. I think cross country skiis would have helped. Maybe a tow rope coming from the back and around my waist to pull me too. smile She sure pulled that sled with no problem (other than the problem that her owner walks too slow). Anyways, speed walking in snow is very tiring, even without weight. I will say that I was able to get my winter backpacking weight down to 0 lbs, 0 oz. Not bad. I also need snow shoes. Walking on a lake is easy. Walking in waist high snow from the lake to the campsite (100 ft) was insane. At least the sled floated and didn't act like an anchor.
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