Silnylon at I beleive is still under 4.00 a yard
10 yrd min. order 5.00 cut fee. Cheapest found anywhere. But figure your time for something and it is a no brainer! I am going to make a sil tarp as I am off in the winter and have the time and material. I want to use the fabric up! Chepest tarp would be a blue 10x 12 at fleeter for about 6 bucks. Weighs in at about 4 pounds though. If ya have a huskie dog going along to carry it hey why not! Just kidding!
You pay for light weight if you make it yourself or buy it outright. Kelty , has a decent tarp for around 70.00 I doubt you could do better for the coin? Bye the way folks, Noah Lamport doesnt have online sales, you must phone order. However, they ship promptly, and product is excellent quality!