Loomis pretty well summarized the issue of condensation on the bathtub walls of a tent. It depends on several factors. I offer my experience for contrast to some of the other replies. I do have trouble with condensation on the bath tub floor walls. From the replies it looks like most people don't.

I very often backpack in the Pacific Northwest early and late in the the season where temperatures are low (20s and 30s F) at night and humidity is high. My clothes are usually wet from rain and/or sweat plus my body gives off quite a bit of moisture, even when at rest. So the inside of my tent is usually pretty humid (even with bagging of wet clothes and venting).

When the humid air hits the cool bathtub walls I get a lot of condensation. Over a several day trip, without drying during the day, my bag can lose significant loft in the foot area if I can't avoid touching the walls.

In some of my home made tents I have eliminated bath tub floor walls because of this problem.