I haven't run in to any construction issues, but haven't camped in bad weather in a cheap tent that I can remember. Wanted to make sure it wasn't just a name brand as far as the cost, since I don't really care!

I would prefer to just sleep in the open but going to an area that has grizzlies and black bears, so might need a tent. Rather have them sniff the tent than me! Probably will just be camping right now, not sure if we'll backpack. We might though.

I have a Noah's tarp by Kelty, I think, any way I could work this in with anything? New tents smell bad so I got this. Maybe not the brightest thing I ever did, but if it will work, noticed the tarp suggestion, might not be a bad idea. Maybe put it on top of a cheap tent for bad weather, since this and a tent would still likely be under 8lbs., or about the same as a low end good tent.

An overnight trip might not need a good tent so much but , yeah, an extended trip if it broke or if you got wet and died from hypothermia, you would be better off with a good tent!

How would I use the 3 mil plastic or the tarp? What does everybody think of camping in the open in bear country?

Would camping in the trees keep the rain from going horizontally? Could I rig up a better rainfly?