I'm posting here because I want to find the best material to accomomdate my wife's comfort. I do not want to pay for a commerecial product. We have three sons, five, eight, and nine. They sleep like rocks on the tent floor. However the missus needs a little more give than the extra thick Wal-mart yoga mat I offered her last week. Since she mainly joins us for car camping, space and weight are not critical. In our first apartment we had a full size 2"-3" thick foam pad from an upholstery warehouse in Southern California where we first lived. Now we are in Indiana and I haven't found a similar supplier. I have found online suppliers, but the descriptions of various foam types are confusing. Can anyone recommend a supplier between Chicago, Cincinnati, and Louisville or a foam type to order that will cushion those feminine curves. FYI she has rejected both air mattresses and hammocks and insists that foam is the only answer.