I may be WAY OFF here guys. Im kind of a newbie, Ive been camping/hiking for years and years, since I was like 8 yrs old. And Im 26 now. I dont really know a whole lot about stoves, as we usually use the campfire to cook everytime. I know that is not ALWAYS an option, and a stove is great to have In Case of Emergency, or where you cant use the wood yadda yadda etc. But I have just started the whole "Lighter is better" view on life lately.

In Sea Cadets, we used a tuna can with a (326gm)smaller coffee can. Cut into the coffee can, so the tuna can, 1.5X high up can fit through, like a rectangle shape. We used a candle, a votive not a tea light. I can recall putting my black socks in the coffee can, becuase if I packed anything in there (when travelling) it would have been sooty. lol

Ok, now someone has to let me know if I am off in left field here? Should I just keep my mouth shut or what? crazy

(So, just now I went and researched penny stoves, and man o man, those are neat! Im not good with small little nicky nack things, Im terribly clumsy, and usually have some sort of gash/deep bruise/broken finger each and every summer. I like bigger things that I can have a chance with. But, I wonder if I should still look into something like that....)

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