I have used the breathable nylon for about 10 years now and it works well for me. Everything I want to keep dry goes into a trash compactor bag. The nylon pack bag retains very little water, dries quickly and does fine when I run it through the washer. I like starting each trip with a nice clean bag.

I may be leaving in a couple of hours for several days so I have no time to take a picture right now. The front bag is simply a stuff sack with a drawstring closure at the top. It is easily openable while hiking and it is where I carry all those things I need while hiking (water, snacks, maps, hats, etc.) It is suspended from the top bar of the pack frame by two nylon straps with adjustable quick release buckles. I can move it up and down easily. Two other straps with adjustable quick release buckles are attached near the bottom of the front bag and they attach to the bottom of the pack frame. This allows me to cinch things down tightly if I desire. Most of the time I don't bother to attach the lower straps.

Yes, the frame is similar to past frames. It is an inverted U shape with carbon fiber tubes for sides and an aluminum cross bar across the top. Things are connected with nylon plumbing fittings. I've refined the details of this pack but the basic structure hasn't changed much for years.