I have been looking at a water filters but there are ALOT out there. I backpack near a lake with little/no clear water from streams and creeks, I looked at the msr pump yesterday and a few others but people said that they clog up easy when using water that isn't crystal clear. Plus would like a unit that would get rid of virus, bacteria, protazoa, chemicals and toxins out if possible. I backpack around farmland and don't want to be drinking cow manure or their excess fertilize. Do the tablets work and how do you use them? I am prepared to buy an ultraviolet unit and a filter pump and to pay $200-$300 on the combo so please any and all feedback is gladly accepted. I don't want to ruin a nice trip in the mountains because I had to quit because my pump broke/clogged/ stopped working. Also does the water taste good from one of these things?? So please list any input and whatever setup you are using.