The images above, hopefully, will show you two guys wearing the same backpack (not at the same time, however). One guy is 6 foot 5 inches tall and the other guy is 5 foot 8 inches tall. I made the pack for the tall guy but wanted it to be adjustable enough to fit shorter people too.

Here is a list of features:
It weighs less than 1 pound
All the fabric is breathable (uncoated) (non-waterproof) and can be washed.
The back bag's position on the frame is adjustable.
The frame's position on the waist belt is adjustable.
The pack can be disassembled and assembled by hand.
The front bag can be used separately as a day pack.
The pack can be worn without the front bag.
The front bag suspension straps can be used as arm rests while hiking.
Vertical members of the frame are carbon fiber
It has a fully padded 4' wide waist belt with a 2" quick release buckle
All of the weight is carried on the hip belt
It has about 5000 cubic inches of bag space plus a top bar to which tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc can be strapped.

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