Yes...good advice on spray skirts. I usually paddle a sea kayak (17ft.) but in flat water. I bet I didn't use a spray skirt but 3-4 times all last year, even in winter. I'll use 'em in rain, to keep warm in winter, to practice rolls, and white water. I've never needed to roll the boat in an emergency and I can count white water ventures on one, the skirt usually stays home or behind the seat.
Wet exits and entries are very different with a fact, getting back in a kayak after bailing out can be a huge challenge if you have no training.
So, many low volume boat paddlers will use a skirt and learn to roll, to avoid having to climb back in, which sometimes is impossible if there is a lot of wave action.

Take a local class if you can find one. Much kayak technique is easy but not intuitive...such as getting in/out of the dang thing grin...and a day workshop will save you a year of frustration and an aching back.

Jim, the boat you bought is wide, stable and dry. You'll have a blast with it.
paul, texas KD5IVP