Kayaking/Canoe paddling is very different. I do both. The difference is that you will be a foot or two closer to the water and a canoe paddle will be a pain to switch sides. J strokes don't work in kayaks because you are closer to the center of the boat. If you had a skeg or rudder, you could probably get away with a single paddle but why?

Kayak paddles...I have several. You want something with the lowest swing weight possible. For European paddles, I like Werner Camanos but there are even lighter ones. Each blade is paper thin but very stiff and strong. They have a fair amount of "cup" and "wing". "Wing" paddles are popular for racing. A Greenland paddle is a different thought process. The surface area is spread out in a long narrow blade, as compared to a wide Euro paddle. You'll make more strokes but you won't feel like you are paddling through molasses, you'll notice you are less tired at the end of the day, yet you are probably ahead of the pack. Very much like bicycle gearing....little chain ring, big sprocket, for climbing hills, or 'spin'. There is a "revolution" going on right now toward Greenland style paddles. Greenland paddles cheat wind well, (why Euro pladdles have the ability to "feather") and are much easier to "roll" the kayak upright, since the blades are already oriented correctly. Plus, $15 and a little woodwork compared to $260 makes some difference too. cool

Knowing you, Jim, you'll be carving your own paddle in...3...2...1...about now. grin
paul, texas KD5IVP