I am happy to say I finished my silnylon tent this weekend! All I have to do is get a nice day to seam seal it. I made the Jones tent 2 from the make your own gear web site. I made a stuff sack for it this morning. Total weight including rear pole and stakes in the stuff sack 2 Pounds 1 ounce! I may be able to skim a ounce or two yet as my guy lines are a bit heavier than needed. This has got to be close to the lightest two person tent on the planet? Total cost was about 95 bucks However I have close to seven yards silnylon left over. I purchased form noah lamport and there is a ten yard min on each color. I am so pleased with how it came out. I wish I could post pictures on here. My next project will be a G4 pack. I may use Silnylon on the G4 instead of 2.2 ounce ripstop? with proper care I think it would be strong enough with light loads. Happy Trails!

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