Hello guys I just purchased a new lower back/ waist pack. its 920 cu. in. The purpose of this pack is going to be a hunting/fishing/survival pack. I will use it for hiking day trips from my base camp in the big horn mountains. The items im looking to include in this pack is for survival if I happen to get lost or injured im looking to include items in this pack for surving 24-32 hours.

Im looking for suggestions on what to carry and what you also carry in your day pack? Im going to make a least from greatest to least on the importance of items I think I will need. feel free to make any suggestions on what I should add and or change for something else.

1.nalgene water bottle with fresh water
2. water purification tablets( what else would you suggest beside purification tablets? looking for the least space it would take up but still effective)
3. first aid kit(gauze, band aids, waterproof tape, pain relievers) What all do you keep in your first aid kit?
4. magnesium fire starter/ or waterproof strike anywhere matches( brand of matches or fire starter you would suggest?)
5. petroleum Vaseline soaked cotton balls.( in a zip lock bag wrapped up with rubber bands around)
8. power ball or some type of high calorie energy bar( looking for suggestions of some brands or something that is light weight and small besides a power bar)
9. emergency poncho
10.fixed blade knife. thinking a Swedish Mora from sports mans guide.
11. high quality flash light or headlamp. (thinking a surefire or boker but open to suggestions)
12. signal mirror.
13. 550 cord
14. a piece of folded tinfoil
15. bags. ( thinking at lest one if not two standard garbage bags and one or two gallon and pint Ziplocs)
16 knitted hat, cloth gloves, and spare socks ( in a Ziploc)
17. toiletries ( some tp, tooth paste, and cheap tooth brush)

Im sure im missing something important in my list but this is the first time I have set up a pack like this thus open to suggestions. I didnít say any ammo or any fishing stuff because thatís a given for me that I will have it on me.

thanks for your time on any suggestions. much appreciated

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