Hey everyone new here so be nice! JK i have a thick skin...and mistakes are how we learn!

Starting the AT Georgia to Maine in as few sections as my job will permit...starting sept 20th kinda

Pack- NF Primero 85
Tent - currently have Eureka K2XT for car and Spitfire1 want to upgrade spitfire to a small 2 man thinking REI Quater Dome T2 or BS seedhouse SL

Bag- NF Snowshoe- i've brought just liners in summer
Pad - RidgeRest Delux...thinking of BA Air Core for packing
Poles - BD Elliptacal Spectre Flicklock
Water - Katadyn Vario w/ Chlorine tabs for bad areas
Stove -Cadera Cone system from Trail designs

various other lightweight bowls, cups, spoons, crap like that, bunch of lightweight approrirate clothes

looking for a lightweight lantern or something besides my headlamp...

any other suggestions or must haves i should bring? seriously you won't hurt my feelings, i'd rather be told i'm an idiot then lug something 3 times heavier than something that works better 1/3 the weight...
I do it because I can...it also helps that you are not there...