So i'm preppring for the AT section hike 200 miles at a time, and I've had enough moist mornings in my spitfire. I think the fly is just too close to the body, and touch creating lots of condensation on the inside. I've been looking at the TarpTent Scarp1 and big anges fly creek1.

I've decied i'd like to have a freestanding model this go around, and absolutley do not want condensation or bugs!

I'm planning on using pack blankets insted of a sleeping bag...and i'm 5'8 around 130 lbs, so floor size isn't essential.

I want the best tent for my money without breaking the bank...I need to stay dry and be able to rely on my tent, as I'll be solo and being 130 lbs wet myself, i need to keep my gear light as possible with maximizing comfort. Any reviews or other suggestions will be great! This is my first post as well!
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