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“I prefer the tarp/bivy combo because I find that they are lighter, cheaper and more versitle than a tent. I use a SpinnTwin (9.8oz), with a Tigoat bivy (6.8oz), total weight is 16.6oz-- I haven't come across a tent that is as light as that…”

$175 + $90 = $265 @ 16.6oz

And then I use this tent setup: the zpack hexamid: http://www.zpacks.com/shelter/hexamid.shtml
I paid $249 for mine but I see he’s upping his price to $275. He claims 8.2oz, mine was slightly less at 8.0oz including seam sealing and guylines.
I do use a 1.5oz polycro ground sheet on the inside as recommended.

And now I can sit up and be totally bug proof and rain proof. This is nice when I’m trying to change clothes with an infestation of mosquitoes around. And it has opened up more space in my Murmur.

I was actually looking into one of those, but couldn't really find many field reviews-- I was mainly concerned about its dimensions-- it looks very narrow and I was also wondering about the inevitable rain/spray getting in through the netting. How do you like the Hexamid?

The cuben tarp is also temping at $150/3.2oz as a replacement to my SpinnTwinn-- I don't think I could justify it to the Mrs though laugh