The only traditional tents I have direct experience with are the REI Halfdome & something old by Eureka. My wife and I cut back the weight last year by upgrading from the Halfdome to a Tarptent brand Double Rainbow, but it took a tiny bit of getting used to - it's a single wall, non-freestanding tent, and as such it sometimes gets a little bit of condensation inside. Not so much as to create an issue, though. It's rated as a 3-season tent but I upped its windworthiness more by adding a long spectra guyline to each of the two loops on the center ridge, sort of like a Hilleberg Akto.

If I did the whole gear purchase over again I would've skipped the double-wall and gone straight to a tent by Tarptent or Six Moon Designs. I'd still recommend a double-wall for cold weather or car camping, though.

I hope this helps. It pays to at look at a tent in person before buying, but it's harder to do with some of the more obscure brands.