We have the Limelight 2P and we like it, it's a pretty nice tent and the two vestibules are nice. It's not terribly light but if you have an extra sack (or not) you can split it up between two people and it's reasonable. It is not a cramped 2P tent. The shape is a little oddball but it really sheds the wind well and it has good ventilation.

Some annoyances - plan on ditching the stakes. And for some reason, Marmot keeps insisting on using a cord-lock instead of a small plastic toggle for the door and fly stays. I appreciate the thought but I haven't needed 4 extra cord-locks on a trip yet. It's hard to secure the fly or door back with those cord-locks when you're wearing gloves. I need to replace them. Finally, the gear loft is a not a selling point. I mean, it's there, but it reduces the headroom by 6 inches right in the center of the tent. You eat it every time you sit up. I moved the attachment points down to the foot end of the tent to make it more of an "attic" over my legs and feet. Much better.