I read that a 13-year old is climbing Everest. He is going with Dad and step-Mom. The cost is $125,000. The parents want to "help him" reach is dream - the youngest Seven Summit climber. I am a climber. I certainly relate to wanting to climb Everest. However, I do not think any 13-year old has the judgement to be on Everest. I think the parents are out for fame and I would almost call this child endangerment. Put half the money in a fund for the kid's college or to buy a house when he is an adult and put the other half in a fund for him to climb Everest when he is over 18, and an adult, and on his own, without Mom and Dad. He may be the youngest climber record holder if he succeeds, but I for one would hold his accomplishment in higher esteem if he were to do it on is own when older - and maybe at that time he could actually do a more significant route. I cannot help but remember a few years back when a young girl and her Dad were trying to have her be the youngest to pilot cross-country and crashed.