Slight update:

Took the poles out for a 2-night trip in the Smokies this past weekend. Over 7,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain, and nearly 30 miles over 3 days. These babies really performed nicely, with one exception. Grant at GG was correct in his recommendation that the grips really need to be glued to the pole blanks. By mile 15 I could start feeling the grips sliding down the poles, as evidenced by the top of the grips mushrooming up a bit. Nothing a little bit of constant readjustment every few miles couldn't keep in check.

First order of business when I got home was removing the grips and Gorilla-Gluing them back on. They feel MUCH more solid now, and have no doubt they'll continue to be one of my favorite pieces of gear. I'm left wondering how I lived without poles for so long!
Light, Cheap, Durable...
pick two